[sticky post]FRIENDS ONLY
I AM Adam Young
This journal is Friends-locked.

It's mostly to discourage the crazies.

Comment here to introduce yourself--I'm  pretty sure we'll get along.

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This is really cool! How'd you do it? This picture is awesome!

Well I put friends only in the subject heading and then put what I wanted to say in the message then copy and pasted a picture there and then at the bottom checked the box "sticky-note" and that keeps it at the top. That is also the only thing that anyone not friends with me can see because all my other entries are friend-locked.

Adding. Found you in Add Me community :)

Why hello. Welcome to the Castle!

Hello. Haha, have we met somewhere before? forgive me if I forgot...

You had viewed my journal,and since we have some of the same interests I thought I would friend you.

Awesome! Well then, welcome! (:

Hello! We have some mutual friends, so I've read some of your comments and thought we might get along. Wanna be friends? :)

Hi! I definitely have seen your usename around--remind me of where? Haha. I am up for being friends, I will warn you I am a little less active during my time at university. (:

Most recently in winterburg's journal, but I think elsewhere as well? I'll add you :)

Sounds good to me! Added. (:

Hey, I just added you. Hope that's okay.

Yes, it is! I will warn you, around fall classes take over and my appearance on LJ gets spotty...but I always love having new friends!

No problem. Where do you attend school and what are you studying?

I attend the University of Virginia, and am double majoring in English and Media Studies.
How about you?

Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) I officially graduate in August with my Masters in Social Work.
University of Virginia has a beautiful campus! I plan to visit the area this fall :)

Woah! Good for you!! (:
Definitely, I love it!

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